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Lyme & Co-Infections

 Common Name Name Description Testing
 LYME, B. burgdorferi Borrelia bacteria Discovered in Lyme, Connecticut PCR, ELISA
 Many new strains of bacteria are being found as research into LYME continues.  Tests are either for, antigens (your immune response which doesn't occur till after a few weeks and drops off after the initial reaction, or looking for the DNA of the bacteria (each strains requires a different test.)     Testing has not been very accurate.  Doctors need to diagnose from symptoms.
 Cat-scratch-fever BartonellaSore throat, headache, high fever,  
 Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever   
 Babesia Babesiosis Protozoan, like Malaria  
 Mycoplasma  Gram-positive bacteria. PCR
 Ehrlichia Ehrlichiosis High spiking fever, headaches,