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 MVLSG website
( Mohawk Valley Lyme Support Group ) 
 LYME BASICS, a source for the beginner 
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 LYME Ninja Radio
 Pod Cast Interviews by Mackay Rippey, a founding member of the MV LYME Support Group Conquering Tick-borne Disease through Research & Education
 Focus on LYME Focus On Lyme was started to improve diagnostics, treatment, prevention and advocacy for patients suffering from Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases.
 The Lyme Action Network is located in the upstate region of New York State, providing general information and resources to the public as well as to medical practitioners seeking more information about Lyme disease and other Tick Borne Diseases (TBDs).

 Columbia University LYME research 
 International Lyme and
Associated Diseases 
Lyme Disease Assoc. of SE Pa.  Pennsylvania LYME Organization
A good source of LYME information from people who have been dealing with the disease since the 1980s.
 Lyme disease information and advocacy. 
 Empire State Lyme Disease Association Empire State Lyme Disease Association provides listing of NY State Lyme Support Groups, events and Lyme information
  Information and worldwide support group listings 
 This site provides details about Lyme disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

 Jeanna's Lyme Blog - for the latest news on Lyme.
 Jeanna's Lyme Blog  
 Milford Medical Laboratory  The Milford Medical Laboratory is offering the highly sensitive and reliable DNA test for Lyme disease at $150 for a sample of blood, joint fluid or spinal fluid, when ordered by a physician.
 TGen Labs 2016 July, multi infection DNA testing news.  

TGen developing quick, affordable and accurate test to diagnose debilitating Lyme disease

  Ceres - LYME urine test!nanotrap-lyme-test/c64d $400 plus shipping with dry ice, costs.  Must work with doctor.  Lab is in Virgina.
Test uses multiple strains and includes Lyme Specific bands 31 and 34 .  
They also will test ticks but only for pathogens, $68.00 for each pathogen, will not identify type of tick.
 Lyme Western Blot covered under Medicare IGENEX LABS in Calif. has been the gold standard to date.  Reading of the results by an experienced LYME literate doctor is important.  If any of the LYME specific bands are found, even though 5 bands were not found, most LLD would say you have LYME.  Depending on the tests requested the cost can be upwards of $1000.00 Culture Test $595,
high accuracy
 Lyme Disease Treatment 
Mather Health 


Financial Assistance for Lyme Disease Patients

Various sources which offer financial assistance for Lyme testing and Drug for treatment. 
 AMPCOIL PEMF electric pulse treatment
 Lyme Ninja Radio from NYS
Interviews of those in the know. 
 A group which discusses use of Salt & Vita C, and other LYME treatments. 
 LYME and RIFE machines 
A meeting place for Lyme patients in NY 
 The LymeInfo email list has been created to supplement the website http://www.LymeInfo.Net, which has been serving the online Lyme disease community since 1997 
 The Milford Medical Laboratory is offering the highly sensitive and reliable DNA test for Lyme disease at $150 for a sample of blood, joint fluid or spinal fluid, when ordered by a physician.  
 UMass tick testing service, quick results, notify by email.  $50 insurance does not pay  
 Tick testing, information, pictures of ticks, tick ID service; tick testing for infection will be sent to UMass (above link) 
 Will identify tick and estimate length of attachment for free if reported over the phone, if want written report will charge a fee.  Do not test for infection   

 LYME BOOKSPlease see the LYME Book page