Special Event


Trenton Town Municipal Building

April 29, 2018 @ 6 PM

Please register by emailing: MVLymeSG@GMAIL.COM

Ticks are ready for you, are you ready for them?

As the tick season approaches, knowing that ticks hibernate under the snow, being knowledgeable about Lyme and Ticks is the way to prevent longterm health issues related to Lyme Disease.

We will attempt to cover:

Prevention of tick borne infections. Treating the source, the mice.

What to do after the bite. What does a Lyme rash look like?

Proper tick removal. Reduce you risk of infection.

How to discuss Lyme with your doctor. When the CDC isn't enough.

Alternative and Supportive therapies. When antibiotics don't work.

Stories by local Lyme patients, their symptoms, diagnoses and treatments.

Information handouts.

Book reviews, knowledge can save many years of hardship.

Also: other sources of Lyme information.

Herbal Protocols for LYME Disease

With Herbalist, Lisa Fazio

of Hawthorne Hill Herbs


Lisa is a Folk and Clinical herbalist and has worked with folks with Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections for 12 years using herbal and nutritional protocols as well has having contracted Lyme disease twice herself. Based on her experience and practice, she believes Lyme to be a journey that is different for everyone making it important to customize protocols that align with the individual and their needs.

Lyme disease has become a major epidemic in the Northeast and Central New York making our desire to be outside in the fresh air hiking, gardening, and enjoying nature challenging, especially since many of us have already had a bout of Lyme disease or are still managing chronic Lyme. In this class Lisa will discuss common herbs that can support us in living with the various ways that Lyme may manifest both acutely and chronically as well as herbs for prevention, herbs to take if bitten, and protocols for Lyme disease and co-infections.

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life." - Rachel Carson

Lisa Fazio

Community Herbalist

Hawthorne Hill Herbs


Lyme Action Network

"People who are suffering with persistent Lyme disease or any of the other tick-borne diseases are under constant, unrelenting physical stress," explained Chris Fisk, President of the Lyme Action Network. "Stress and pain and illness begets more stress and pain, and it's vital for people to find ways to break the cycle to permit their bodies a chance begin healing. There are many evidence-based strategies, grounded in science, that people can employ to give themselves -- and their over-taxed and over-stressed bodies, some relief and rest to help facilitate repair. We will be presenting and showcasing a number of these strategies throughout the day."

The Lyme Action Network has invited a team of experts in various fields to participate as presenters. The presenters, all of whom have professional practices in the region and extensive experience with chronic illnesses, will include:

Find more information at: http://www.lymeactionnetwork.org/events.html and look towards the bottom of the page.